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A successful experimental project becomes an innovative one —a promising start.

Games transcend their definitions, and creation is no fool's errand.

How far can a game go? A story still unfolding.

As far as we can.

Images from "The Simulation" and "The Signifier"


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Playmestudio is an independent studio which focuses on creative, carefully crafted cinematic experiences.  

We’re pretty serious about games; we aim for the heart.

We're based in Santiago, Chile.

From 3D/VFX Creators to Game Designers, writers and Programmers, everyone in our team contributes to the project in many different ways, striving to produce as a group that which we can't as individuals.  

The studio is powered by a very strong team who is deeply invested in each project. We also collaborate with talented external professionals in different aspects of development when our skills and time isn't enough, striving to maximize our resources to achieve the best results while avoiding crunch and maintaining a good work-life balance.

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